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Wedding Speeches – your chance to shine!

December 9, 2007

Yesterday I attended a wedding, I haven’t been to a wedding in years but I’m at that age where some of my friends are walking down the aisle for the second time. The day was fantastic, the bride looked beautiful and all was well, until it came to the speeches. I am always suprised when people think they can wing a wedding speech on the day. This is the time for you to shine, giving a wedding speech can be easy, so to help you out I have put together a couple of suggestions.

  1. Prepare – prepare your speech before the big day. Introduce yourself and how you know the bride and groom. Thank people – bridesmaids, father of the bride, people who helped make the day happen etc. Tell a funny story or indident about the bride and groom – this may be how they met, their first date or how their car broke down miles from anywhere (the story should be funny – don’t embarrass people – remember family and children will be in attendance). Then talk about how they make a great couple and how you think they will tackle the future together. Finally rap it up with a toast to the happy couple.
  2. Rehearse – Give yourself plenty of time to rehearse your speech, don’t write it the night before and expect to be able to present it the next day. I would give yourself at least two weeks to practice.
  3. Alcohol – Try not to drink alcohol until after the speech. Keep your mind clear and you’ll be able to focus on what you want to say and won’t have to worry about forgetting or slurring your words
  4. Keep it short and sweet – when people attend a wedding they don’t want to be bogged down with speeches, 2 -4 minutes is long enough.
  5. Have fun – this is an important day but do keep it in perspective. Things can and quite often do go wrong, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the day.