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30 Million Powerpoint presentations!!

April 25, 2008


Did you know it’s estimated that over 30 million powerpoint presentations are delivered daily around the world???

What an attention grabber!

Recently I attended a workshop by Bill Farman, a fellow Toastmaster, and this was one of the stats that he used to capture our attention. This made me sit up and listen to the information that Bill was going to share with us on powerpoint.  

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the nuggets of information that Bill talked about, to help ensure that if you are using powerpoint, you’re using it differently to the majority.

  1. We like to place a lot of facts on our powerpoint presentations because facts make us look smart
  2. Think of powerpoint as a story, have images not facts
  3. The details of your presentation should be in your handouts not on the slide
  4. Don’t use clip art – overdone on so many levels
  5. Make your own images, very easy to do with todays technology
  6. Don’t use 3D images
  7. Have lots of white space
  8. Use a remote control for powerpoint presentations
  9. Keep the lights on while you’re giving your powerpoint presentation so that people can see YOU
  10. Put you logo on the first and last slide, not on every slide

If there are 30 Million powerpoint presentations being given on a daily basis, makes you wonder how many are wasted opportunitites to get it right!

Keep speaking – Carrol

The Point to Powerpoint

March 27, 2008

Yesterday I attended a meeting and the speaker was using powerpoint as his visual aid. At one point I thought I was there for an eye examination as the type was so small I had to really concentrate on what was up there, and so today I thought I would mention a little bit about powerpoint.

Remember to ask yourself why you are using powerpoint, is it to cover up the fact that you haven’t prepared well enough for your presentation. Visual aids are only there to assist your message, not be the message.

  • When using powerpoint use Sans Serif fonts because we are use to seeing blocks of text with this font from reading newspapers.
  • Use 30 point text – this is not too big or too small for the eyes
  • Use no more than 6 words per line, and no more than 6 lines per page
  • Use colour wisely – yellow and pink may look good on the computer screen but not when shown on a larger screen.

Remember that people can read what is on the screen quicker then you can speak, so you may have to reveal information a step at a time.

I love this clip on youtube, it is from comedian Don McMillan on How NOT to use powerpoint.

If the link doesn’t work, you can go to youtube and search for the clip, trust me, it is well worth the effort.