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30 Second introduction

December 12, 2007

The New Year is when people start to think about applying for a new job – New Year, New Career. Job interviews are a great way to speak about yourself and tell a prospective employer what it is you can offer them. 

Advertisers spend a lot of time, thought and money on selling their product in the 30 second they have available to reach you via the television. You need to think about selling yourself the same way an advertiser would. Think about what you want to say in your own 30 second “MEommercial”.

People have short attention spans so you have to make your introduction memorable. The goal of the “Meommercial” is to engage the listener. You will be asked at some stage to “tell us a little bit about yourself” This is the question you have been waiting for because unlike the other candidates who will start to real off their resume, you will have your “Meommercial” ready. You want to generate  interest and change the interview process into a conversation. Think about what it is that makes you unique, not what it is that you do in your job.

You should try to have one dynamic or emotional word in your “Meommercial” that will capture the listeners attention. ” I resolve conflict on a daily basis” “I challenge people’s thought processes”, “I live outside of the box”.

Imagine that you are paying $1000.00 for every word that you use, would you want to keep your message succinct and memorable? 

What is it that you want to say about yourself in your 30 second introduction?