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Improve from the inside by asking outside

September 5, 2008
  •  After you’ve given a presentation or workshop do you ask for feedback?

Many people try to avoid feedback because of fear – “what if they didn’t like my presentation”.

But isn’t it better to know that people didn’t like your presentation so that you can improve on it?

I love feedback and constantly ask for feedback whether I’ve given a 10 minute presentation or a 60 minute workshop. Whenever I pick up the feedback forms the first place I look at is, “what could have been improved” or “what was not covered that you think should have been covered”

Feedback allows me to gauge what is or isn’t working from the audiences perspective.

When asking for feedback, as for what you did well and what you could have been improved on. You may want to focus on a few specific areas to begin with:

  • * body language
  • * vocal variety
  • * eye contact

Once you’ve worked on the basics, you can then look at other areas such as:

  • * content suitability for your audience
  • * language (words) used
  • * amount of content

Start off by asking a valued friend or colleague for feedback.

Remember that feedback is not a criticism, it emphasis your strong points and points out areas for improvement.

Good feedback from the outside is an excellent opportunity to improve from the inside.

Keep speaking – Carrol