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Emit emotions

September 12, 2008

During the week I caught up with my girlfriend at her place for lunch. Her daughter wanted to eat a candy bar before lunch and of course, her mother wouldn’t let her.

Her daughter started to cry, the face became all screwed up, the crying sounds came out and her little arms where being thrown around wildly. Then after a couple of seconds she would stop the tantrum, look to see if we were paying attention and then she continued with her pretend crying.

I found this very funny, but it made me think about speakers who don’t show or reflect the emotions that they’re talking about when on the stage. A good speaker needs to connect with their audience through their emotions.

* When you mask your emotions people may not trust your message. The subconscious mind is constantly looking for mismatches in behavior and if the mind sees one thing and hears another, mistrust will start to sneak in.

* We all have emotions.  If you’re not showing the emotions that you’re talking about you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper, much more personal level. 

Now, I’m not suggesting that you have a tantrum on stage, but if you’re talking about something that made you feel confident, show confidence, if you’re talking about something that made you excited, show excitement and the same for all of the other emotions that we as human beings are capable of.

“My task is to make you hear, to make you feel, to make you see” – Joseph Conrad.

Keep speaking – Carrol