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A small task

February 28, 2009

jukebox on whiteThis week I have a small task for you. I would like you to choose one of the three options below to complete.

Option 1

Find your favorite piece of music and listen to the piece, write down why you like it. Do you like the tempo, the highs and lows is it the chords that are used or the words? Think about what attracts you to this particular song.

Option 2

Watch your favorite movie and as above, write down what you like about the story, is it the characters, is it the drama or excitement, how does the story start and end.

Option 3

Read your favorite book, poem or story and as with the film look at where the story starts, how are the characters described? what words are used and how does the story end.

You may be wondering why I’ve set you this task but over the next few weeks all will be revealed. We’ll be looking at why particular pieces attract us and how we can use similar principles and styles in our public speaking.

Keep speaking – Carrol

Your Business through Storytelling

November 29, 2008

storytellingYesterday I read an article by Dominique Antarakis, about Branding your business through storytelling.

She was talking about “if you remember anything about a small business brand, it’s because you’ve heard a story about it.”

We all know the Richard Branson story or the Bill Gates story – they’ve used storytelling to brand their business. Even the smaller companies are now using stories to brand their business.

Dominique used two examples of small companies here in Australia that have used stories to brand their business – Carolyn Cresswell from Carman’s muesli has her story about how she got into the muesli business while being a student at University on the back of the muesli boxes “One day I was told that I was going to lose my job as the business was to be sold. I immediately thought, “You could buy this little business! You love the muesli and you make it already!” My offer of $1,000 was eventually accepted and Carman’s was born. It was a life changing decision.”

Tim Pethic from Nudie Fruit drinks also uses a story to tell how he got into the fruit drink business “Tall Tim would dream of fruit juices”

We all love a good story, it helps us to remember things and we can relate better to other people when we hear their stories. As speakers, we can use a story to tell our tale or to make a point so our audience will remember what we talked about.

Think about what story you can use in your next presentation or to explain who you are and why you’re talking on your topic.

Keep speaking – Carrol