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Should you use a microphone?

July 12, 2008

During the week I had the opportunity to see a speaker that was almost yelling at the audience because they either didn’t know how to use a microphone or there wasn’t one available.

So when should you use a microphone?

My recommendation is to use a microphone whenever you have to speak to 30 or more people.

A microphone is a tool to amplify your voice, and its use will help you to project your voice while allowing you to use a wide range of vocal techniques.

There are some things you need to consider when using a microphone:

  1. Know how to turn the microphone on and off
  2. Know how to raise and lower the microphone
  3. Do a sound check before you actually stand up to speak
  4. Have someone evaluate the sound and quality around the room
  5. Practice moving around with the microphone
  6. Avoid pointing the microphone at the speaker to limit feedback
  7. Incorrect use of the microphone can spoil your performance

Remember a microphone is easier on your voice and its a great tool to use with audiences of over 30 people and will mean that you won’t have to yell your presentation.

Keep speaking – Carrol