Should I use notes?

notesThere’s always a debate as to whether you should use notes or not. For me, it depends on how long my presentation is going to be.

If I’m speaking for longer than an hour, I like to have a brief outline of what I will be covering, I don’t have everything written out word for word, just a few dot points on one single note card.

When you’re speaking you want to convey confidence, enthusiasm and sincerity and this can be achieved more easily if you aren’t relying on notes.

You can make eye contact more easily with your audience if you don’t have notes and it also avoids the problem of what to do with your notes if you do decide to use them and there’s no lectern.

If you do need to use notes, look at them occasionally to refresh your memory don’t read from them as if you were reading a story. Think about what would happen if you have your notes written out word for word and you lose your place during your presentation.

Keep your notes brief, dot points are a great idea.

For your next presentation, try not to use any notes.

Keep speaking – Carrol


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