Strategies for remembering your speech – Auditory

Last week we looked at Visual Strategies to help us remember our speeches.

Today, I would like to look at Auditory strategies to help us remember our speeches

  1. Practice your speech in an exaggerated voice. For this I like to think of the actor Jim Carey because I imagine that if he had to practice a speech, no two practice sessions would be the same. He would use the voice of a child, a woman, a politician, someone with an accent, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck
  2. Tape your speech. Tape your speech and then play it back to yourself. Even though you’ll be thinking, “I don’t sound like that do I?”, what you’re doing is creating an auditory link in your mind which will help you to remember your speech.
  3. Use music. Music helps the right side of the brain stay alert. Play soothing or rhythmic music quietly in the background while you write or practice your speech. When the brain is alert it’s much easier to remember things

The sense of smell has a huge recall factor, think of a smell and it can take you right back to a specific point in time. We can use this to our advantage: If there is a particular smell you like, surround yourself with it while you practice your speech. If someone is cooking something that smells fantastic, this is the time to practice your speech because you can recall the smell and it will take you back to the time you were rehearsing your speech and you’ll be able to recall more information.

Hope these strategies help

Keep speaking – Carrol

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