Presenters checklist

I am a very organised person, annoyingly so sometimes, but this is who I am. I love to know that I have covered all the bases, especially when it comes to my presentations and so I have created a presenters checklist.

Your speech:

  1. Can I state the objective or purpose of my presentation in one sentence
  2. What do I want my audience to take-away from my presentation
  3. Do I know who my audience is and what their expectations are from my presentation
  4. Do I have an opening that will capture the audiences attention
  5. Does my presentation flow well, do I have transitions from one point to another
  6. Have I summarise my main points in my conclusion


  • Are my notes organised
  • Have I paced my speech to fit the time allocated
  • If I’m using visual aids, are they working properly
  • Have I checked out the venue before I speak
  • Can people hear me
  • Have I grounded myself and am I in a comfortable stance
  • Are my gestures big enough for everyone to see
  • Am I moving with purpose
  • Am I making definite eye contact with individuals
  • Am I varying my pitch, pace and volume
  • Have I planned for the unexpected

If you have any items that you put on your own checklist, please let me know what they are so that I can add them to my list.


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