Sorry – Reinforced 3 times

Last week Australia reached a monumental time in history with Kevin Rudd saying sorry to the stolen generation. (In the early 1900’s Aboriginal children were taken from their parents and communities by the government).

There has been some discussion as to why Kevin Rudd said sorry three times.

Once for the removal of the children and the pain and suffering it caused

Once to the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters for the removal of the children

Once for the indignity and degredation that was caused.

When we look at public speaking and how to get your message across we always talk about reinforcing your message at least 3 times.

Why 3?………………… because the subconcious mind won’t take in new information until it has heard it at least 3 times.

Reinforcing your message is very important if you want people to believe what you are saying and have them retain it’s meaning.

Do you reinforce your message?

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