The long walk to centre stage

Non-verbal behaviour is know as body language. As speakers our body language can give away our true thoughts and feelings without us even realising it. Take for instance those few seconds between getting up from your seat and walking to the lecturn or podium. For some, this walk seems to last forever, for others the time disappears in the blink of an eye.

How we walk to the lecturn will speak volumes about our confidence. If you slowly stand up, start double checking that you have everything with you, fussing with your notes or gulping down water before you even get to the stage, your audience is going to assume that you are nervous and lack confidence, and may start to tune out before you’ve even uttered your first word.

If on the other hand, you stand up confidently, knowing that you have everything you need with you and walk directly (not rushing) to the speaking area, your audience will assume that you are a confident speaker and are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Once at the lecturn place your notes down if you are using notes, pause for a moment, smile, step away from the lecturn and commence your presentation.

Try not to use the lecturn as a shield or barrier, if people can read your body language they will become more engaged in your presentation.

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