Public speaking and the mobile phone

The other day I had to catch a train, not something I do normally, and was amazed at the number of people talking on their mobile phones. If I had asked any of them if they could speak in public the answer would probably have been NO.

So why is it that if you put a mobile phone in someone’s hand they are only too happy to share their lives with 80+ passengers on the train without thinking twice about it, yet if they stand up in front of the same 80+ people they can’t speak.

What is the magic that the mobile phone holds? 

Public speaking comes in many forms and having a phone conversation on a crowded train is one of these.  Speaking in public is all about talking to a group as if they were your friends, exactly the same as when you are speaking to your friends on your mobile phone.

“Public speaking is easy. You already know how to do it. Talking to your best friend on the phone is public speaking; talking to your neighbor over your picket fence is public speaking. All we do in professional speaking is add excitement and an audience.” -Bill Gove, 1912-2001 The Father of Professional Speaking

The next time you have to speak to a group just image that you are speaking to your best friend, you’ll relax a lot more and enjoy yourself heaps more.


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