Think about your ABC

If you are a sales person ABC usually stands for Always Be Closing, in public speaking it has another meaning: Always Be Collecting. This means collecting quotes, stories, ideas and funny incidents. Keep a note pad with you so that when you hear or see something funny you can write it down. Ideas for your next speech can come from anywhere.

Why does that brilliant idea always come to you while you’re in the shower? If you are like me, ideas for my next speech come while I am shampooing my hair. I have a couple of work arounds for this once I have washed the shampoo out and I can see what I am doing. The first is to have a note book with a pen hidden in one of the vanity draws so that I can find it and write down my idea -this can leave the paper very soggy as water drips every where. The second is slightly different, I take my phone into the bathroom with me and when the idea pops into my head I turn my phone into a voice recorder. This means that I can hop out of the shower record my idea and then pop back into the shower with very little hassle. Don’t you just love technology.

Think about your ABC and you are well on your way to having material for your next speech.


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