Numbers, numbers every where

You’re starting to panic, in your next speech you have to use lots and lots of numbers, dates and statistics. You’ve seen it before where a speaker has put an audience to sleep with their dry boring presentation.

Don’t panic!

Numbers feel and sound intelligent and as as long as you use them wisely you can use them to wow your audience.

1. Use numbers clearly. Don’t hide important numbers in the middle of your presentation, make them stand out. Use your voice to imply how important the numbers, dates and statistics are that you are quoting. Dramatise the numbers by using pacing, pauses, increasing or decreasing volume, the rate at which you speak or the tone of your voice.

2. Use them sparingly. If you use every number available to you, this is when you will send your audience to sleep. Think about the numbers you have available, which ones make the most impact and will be the most memorable?

3. Use numbers visually. Use numbers visually to engage your audience, can you put the numbers in a graph, chart, map or use them pictorially? We all know “a pictures says a thousand words”.

Numbers are a great tool and can be used to support your claims, strengthen an argument or persuade powerfully.


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