Reading out aloud for vocal variety

Have you ever listened to someone give a speech and there was very little deviation in their voice? They used the same monotone voice from start to finish.

An audience will notice your voice first before they think about what you are saying.

So how can we help put more variety into our voices – Easy, read out aloud!

Reading out aloud lets you listen to your own voice. You can hear your pronunciation of words and you can feel the emotion in the words that you speak.  Your voice is your most powerful tool, this is how you connect with your audience.

It is said that how we look accounts for 55% of our message, what we say for 7% and how we sound for 38%

As a speaker you need to grab the attention of your audience with your voice. A good speaking voice should be natural, expressive, easily heard and convey a sense of warmth.

Reading out aloud is a great way to practice your vocal variety.

So what should you read to help gain this vital skill? Children’s fairytales, poetry, newspapers or books.

If you don’t feel comfortable reading out aloud, you could sing along to the radio or your ipod as this will also help with your voice.

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  1. Drorycronere Says:

    I agreed with you

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